Anabel Colazo no mires atras comicbook cover two girls in front of a lighthouse

Go look – Anabel Colazo

many years ago i found a group of creators working on comics whilst i regurlarly used tumblr.  amongst them was holasoyanbel whose figure work and design skills really struck me. over time i’ve grown to increasingly appreciate her approach to colouring as well.


anabel colazo comic book publication page from edicinoes la cupula featuring nimio final fantasy with nuria tamarit close encounters encuentros cercanos and do not look back no mires atras plus a cv of previous work
ediciones la cupula



holasoynabel anabel colazo instagram account comic pages sketches and illustration




holasoynabel real name anabel colazo twitter header freaturing a cartoon portrait inset and no mires atras her current comicbook graphic novel in the header



holasoynabel anabel colazo illustration comic pages thor ragnarok

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