Paper Underground Awards – introduction

These are my way of thinking about what has mattered to me in zines and comics this year.

As much as they’re a way of recognising what I’ve found excellent, they’re also a thank you and a chart of what mattered to me at a time and place.

I don’t know whether these will matter to people, but then I’m not going to not do something from fear of embarrassing silence.

Originally there were going to be 5 awards, for the terribly practical reason that I could roll out an award a day over a week. Then something big happened in 2019 so now there’s going to be 6.

I think in the end, I’d like to see other people respond in kind to these awards and just do something that tells other people, but particularly the creators, why they liked their work in a little bit more detail and depth than a like, a purchase or an ‘Awesome’ – nothing wrong with that, but I think it’s great for people to take a minute and engage with the question of what they enjoyed about a certain work, consider the essential ‘thing’ within them that it satisfied.

Here are the categories:

1- Most Romantic work

2- Work that I wish I had published in a large deluxe limited edition

3- Work that is something I’d never want to make, but really appreciated anyway

4- Originally I said that this would be – Best discovery I made in November (but it was really just being sarcastic) Then I received something in October that fitted the bill

5- This will STAND THE GENERATIONS award

6- Mystery award


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