Read it online – Witch Gauntlet

A metal inspired webcomic with a great mix of cartooning and textured linework delviering a fun story – Satanic cults, black metal, a young rebel without a cause all deleivered with a poker face.

Web comics Witch Gauntlet by Ze Burnay the first page featuring a dream sequence of the metal head hero flying through a void and encountering a hideous demon
Witch Gauntlet

Covid-19 coping round-up

Begin with a digressions then get to the point, that’s my way right?

Digression – you all know that Covid-19 is keeping many people home (and bored) so I thought, why not steal an idea from the great Comic Reporter and do a rolling round up.


So here we go  –

online libraries

Solidarity! Revolutionary Center and Radical Library (hosted by University of Kansas)

Comic Book Plus (public domain comic books and strips)

free reads – downloads

Download Judge Dredd Case Files vol.5 for free  – you need to sign up to get it

Colin BellDungeon Fun & Pirate Fun

Colossive PressColossive Records 2019

Dave Cook –   twitter   –   Comic Pack download

David Cooper – twitter    –  Bruce

Phil Elliott –  facebook art page     –    Mammy, Rodney & Wonders of Science   –   Tales from Gimbley (read online)   –    (go here and you can order In His Cups and (w/ Glenn Dakin – Beyond Finity)

Anthony Ez Esmond    –    The Whore Chronicles

Gareth A Hopkins –   twitter – (w/ Eric Blagsvedt) – Found Forest Floor

Nicole Little  –  website   – downloads    – facebook

Chris Mole –   twitter –   Brigantia (w/ Nikki Foxrobot and Melissa Trender)

Ken Reynolds   –  website   –   Cognition   –   Sliced Quarterly   –  My Life as a Cartoon   –   In Trouble

ShortBox   – they have 8 different comics available here  including work from

Emily Carroll    Lucie Bryon    Niv Sekar     Anatola Howard     Nicole Miles     Jean Wei

Sam Wade    and the Pingu Zine by many

Lucy Sullivan –   website   –   Barking download

Brian Talbot  –  website (sidebar has download links)

Artyom Trakhanov – twitter    –   patreon    –    inprint   –   original art     –    shop – free digital copies – you can also purchase here

Andrew White – website     twitter      Downloads –  Yearly 2018   –   Yearly 2019   –  Drowned River Lores

Jim Zub  –   twitter    –   patreon    –    Skullkickers & Wayward downloads

free read – webcomics & online comics and zines

Warren CragheadKids Comics

Diabolik   –   well known and long running Italian comic

Pete Doree –    twitter  –    The Kids From Rec. Road     –    Stan & Jack #1



Dave NiceMake Your Own Stickers

Tillie Walden – still has On A Sunbeam up online – excellent – you can buy it from Avery Hill, who are also excellent

Tom Woodman  –    twitter    –    Future

go buy

Broken Frontier are running a tag on twitter #brokenfrontierboost to help those who have lost out from closed events

Take a look at Colossive Press – they’re increasing their efforts to raise money for a local hospice

Gareth Brookes – tweet here  –  website    – also see this


Delaine Derry Green   –   twitter   – Not My Small Diary

Drawn Chorus Collective  –  shop

Happy Clamshop


Microcosm Publishing – particularly This Zine Has Issues #2

Miller Town – that’s art and zines from Henry and Stan Miller – both great

Olivia Montoyazines and handmade objects

Danny Noblebig cartel

Small Zine Volcano – Not actually buying – free zines for the cost of the postage

Mark Staffordonline shop

Olivia Sullivan  –  shop

Robert Wells – I know he missed out on a kickstarter, so think about buying something from his big cartel– he’s lovely and talented

Amy Wike – supporting US artists by selling prints of people hugging – A Hug or Something Like It

Shannon Wrightshop (digital comics for $1 and a free zine)

virtual cons and activities

Zara Slattery   –   twitter   –  has a couple of mask to print ans colour in

Don’t Hide PR are offering a boost to small press creators – press release list

open calls

kus! s! – announcement – closes 13 May 2020


Already happened but still viewable is #kitchenconnights the most recent version of #kitchencon     ** UPDATE** Another one is planned for  19th April


Geek Asylum Virtual Con (26th April)

Stay Home Comic Con (28th-29th March)   –  Already happened, but still loads of resources and details available

Xerox Days



go look – Amelia White

I came across Amelia White’s art by complete accident – she has a name similar to another account I follow, but a style very different to that one. I liked her approach to texture in her paintings and her silly come absurdist sense of humour.

Fun things are good in hard times!

(click on images to follow links)

Meelz Art - website


Meelz Art - etsy
Meelz Art - red bubble
red bubble


Meelz Art - twitter


Meelz Art - instagram


Meelz Art - facebook



SHOP! International Authors

I know nothing about this publisher, but both Michael Moorcock and Michael Butterworth are listed on the editorial board and they have published a couple of books by Michael Butterworth, so that’s good enough for a mention as far as I’m concerned!


For those that don’t know Michael Moorcock is a seminal writer of fantasy and science fiction revolutionising each in his own way. He was also the publisher of New Worlds – a science fiction anthology that championed the New Wave of Science Fiction.

international authors - michael butterworth
michael butterworth

Michael Butterworth, among many other things, has written Hawkwind novelisations and, most importantly to me, been the publisher of many great books and comics as Savoy Books, I have also just found out the he helped found Corridor8.


International Authors also publishes Emanations, which seems to be very interesting from the description at least.


Lots to check out!

(click on the images to follow the links)


international authors - website website


international authors - emanations emanations



go look – Tim Bird

Tim Bird is a great stylist and designer of images, with a quiet writing style that builds moments and themes to great effect

It’s a great style of storytelling for periods when you’re short of time as you can pick up and put it down easily. But there’s a reward to reading it all together as well.

It’s amazing how pared down it seems and yet how affecting it is.

(click on images to follow links)

Tim Bird - website



Tim Bird - shop



Tim Bird - avery hill - publisher
Avery Hill – publisher



Tim Bird - instagram


Tim Bird - twitter



be a good fan

I’ve started thinking about how to make social media work for those people whose work I admire and how to get it to raise their profile

I’ve put together a few tweets already, and have now turned them into a moment that you can find here

⚡️ “Being a good fan on twitter”

go look – Fanzine Ynfytyn

fanzine ynfyntyn - insert
issue 10 – out of print

I’m not really sure how I stumbled across Fanzine Ynfytyn (from Emma Falconer), but I’ve looked over Emma’s site and picked through the previews of her zines and enjoyed her perzine work a lot.

She seems tohave lived a fun and interesting life and she tells her stories in a friendly , engaging voice.

(click on images to follow links)


fanzine ynfyntyn - shop



fanzine ynfyntyn - website
website – a note on a rainy night



fanzine ynfyntyn - other website website
website – emma falconer



fanzine ynfyntyn - instagram



fanzine ynfyntyn - facebook



fanzine ynfyntyn - flickr



go view – Five O’Clock Zine

(disclaimer – I’ve been reviewed by Craig)
Craig Atkinson has been reviewing zines on instagram for almost two years now, he also has a youtube channel I recently discovered.
The reviews tend to run no more than 1-2 minutes as they’re on instagram. In that time he manages to detail what the zine is about and why he likes in, in a very laidback way.
His reviews are the polar opposite of hype, they’re chilled but personal and carry much more force and personality for that very reason – go check them out.
His whole approach was an influence on zinelove, with it ‘s personality and sincerity – thanx Craig!

(click on the images to follow the link)

prime example of Craig’s style



five o'clock zine - youtube



five o 'clock zines - instagram



go look – Daniel Bristow-Bailey

I came across Daniel Bristow-Bailey’s work as a writer first, having seen someone else pick up a copy of a prose zine he wrote – Dog. I got it because there was a frog on the front and the humour appealed to me.

Daniel Bristow-Bailey - example
panel from Anxious Comics 4

He went on to start Anxious Comics, a roughly drawn comic zine, that I now have two issues of that’s fun, irreverent and enjoyably nonsensical.

What’s struck me from his social media is how effectively he can draw, there’s a strong understanding of perspective and a good eye for how much detail to include to make a readable picture. I like his sense of comfortable ability and knowledge.



(click on images to follow links)

Daniel Bristow-Bailey - anxious comics
anxious comics shop



Daniel Bristow-Bailey - instagram



Daniel Bristow-Bailey - twitter



Daniel Bristow-Bailey - facebook



go look – Emily Brymer

What I like about Emily Brymer’s work is the loose lines, they give it a sense of life and motion on the page.

She also manages a page so cleverly – look at this page below, it manages so much complexity whilst reading so easily.

Emily Brymer - example image
comic page

Panel beats – introduce the character, introduce the context, next row then hits a great set of continuity panels.

But it’s not just that, there are these zones set up that emphasise connections. The top two left side panels make their own little zone, the three on the top right are again their own area. Even though the bottom left is this heavy hitting black, tight cropped single image, it’s still balanced by the blacks in the top and bottom right.
Essentially – this is a very lively page, full of motion and energy, it make all of these connections across the page, tying together actions, making it exciting to read, but also managing what the story is telling you about what’s happening, driving the thoughts you have about the story by making the connections subliminally right there in the image.
Just great storytelling!


(click on images to follow links)

Emily Brymer - website




Emily Brymer - shop



Emily Brymer - society 6
society 6



Emily Brymer - instagram



Emily Brymer - twitter



Emily Brymer - facebook



go look – Sajan Rai

Sajan Rai’s approach to colour and character design is very modern and exiting as it, but the subject matter is very different to anything I’m seeing elsewhere, drawing on worn and damaged images and a distinctly Asian idiom.

To me it’s all very fresh and intriguingly different.

(click on images to follow links)

Sajan Rai - website


Sajan Rai - Patreon


Sajan Rai - shop
web shop


Sajan Rai - twitter


Sajan Rai - instagram


Sajan Rai - facebook



go look – Anne Mette My Paaske

Anne Mette My Paaske is an illustrator and artist. Her work uses all king of media, including stitching and smudging!

I love what she achieves with her mark making, everything looks organic and alive. It often reminds me of pressed flowers.

(click on images to follow links)


Anne Mette My Paaske instagram


Anne Mette My Paaske The Tennis Manifesto 2




go look – Mal Earl

Fact – he’s in The 77 comic anthology
Opinion – his comics are poetic and stylish  like Wilde meets Beardsley in high fantasy
Also you can football chant his name
Mal Earl!Mal Earl! Mal Earl!
What more do you need to know?
(click on the image to follow the link)
Prodigal – Mal Earl contribution to The 77 comic anthology


facebook art page

go look – Janne Marie Dauer

For me, Janne Marie Dauer’s work sings with it’s use of colour; both the way she puts a palette together and the way she makes textures and shapes with it

(click on images to follow links)