go look – Emily Brymer

What I like about Emily Brymer’s work is the loose lines, they give it a sense of life and motion on the page.

She also manages a page so cleverly – look at this page below, it manages so much complexity whilst reading so easily.

Emily Brymer - example image
comic page

Panel beats – introduce the character, introduce the context, next row then hits a great set of continuity panels.

But it’s not just that, there are these zones set up that emphasise connections. The top two left side panels make their own little zone, the three on the top right are again their own area. Even though the bottom left is this heavy hitting black, tight cropped single image, it’s still balanced by the blacks in the top and bottom right.
Essentially – this is a very lively page, full of motion and energy, it make all of these connections across the page, tying together actions, making it exciting to read, but also managing what the story is telling you about what’s happening, driving the thoughts you have about the story by making the connections subliminally right there in the image.
Just great storytelling!


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Emily Brymer - website




Emily Brymer - shop



Emily Brymer - society 6
society 6



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Emily Brymer - facebook



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