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I know nothing about this publisher, but both Michael Moorcock and Michael Butterworth are listed on the editorial board and they have published a couple of books by Michael Butterworth, so that’s good enough for a mention as far as I’m concerned!


For those that don’t know Michael Moorcock is a seminal writer of fantasy and science fiction revolutionising each in his own way. He was also the publisher of New Worlds – a science fiction anthology that championed the New Wave of Science Fiction.

international authors - michael butterworth
michael butterworth

Michael Butterworth, among many other things, has written Hawkwind novelisations and, most importantly to me, been the publisher of many great books and comics as Savoy Books, I have also just found out the he helped found Corridor8.


International Authors also publishes Emanations, which seems to be very interesting from the description at least.


Lots to check out!

(click on the images to follow the links)


international authors - website website


international authors - emanations emanations



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