Thought Bubble recommendations – it’s still live so you can still use it!!

Thought Bubble 2020 Con is still live

Check out 20 of our favourite creators from the show

Been trawling through and picked out 20 rec from the STILL LIVE @ThoughtBubbleUK
with @douglasnoble @wineandzine @WeAreHappyClam @AveryHillPubl @chip_collective @GustaffoVargas @neilslorance @AndreIllustrate @johannaost @peonygent @seanazz @hotelfred @steveningramart @Ze_Burnay Sajan Rai @WIP_Comics @katchapman Idiot Corpse @julesscheele @russell_m_olson

Douglas Noble (and collaborators!) – @douglasnoble

Wine and Zine@wineandzine

Happy Clam@WeAreHappyClam

Avery Hill@AveryHillPubl

Chip Collective@chip_collective

Gustaffo Vargas@GustaffoVargas

Neil Slorance (and collaborators) – @neilslorance

Andre Caetano@AndreIllustrate

Johanna Ost@johannaost

Peony Gent@peonygent

Phatcomics (Sean Azzopardi)@seanazz

Roger Langridge@hotelfred

Steven Ingram@steveningramart

Ze Burnay@Ze_Burnay

Sajan Raioh_hai_ku

WIP Comics@WIP_Comics

Katriona Chapman@katchapman

Breakwater Katriona Chapman

Idiot Corpse@idiotcorpse

Jules Scheele@julesscheele

Russell Mark Olson@russell_m_olson

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