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all the kickstarters that are catching my eye at the mo (and sometimes other things to back as well)


Douglas Noble (@douglasnoble) – Writer and artist, creating the poetic and everyday, sometimes in the same works.

patreon here


Oliver East (@olivereast) – making crisp yet illusive images of life and the land

patreon here

Screenshot 2020-07-13 10.17.24.png


Switchblade Stories issue 2 by @chrisaskham

(fully funded) finishes Thursday, February 4 2021 1:08 PM GMT

great, great art

Project image for Switchblade Stories Issue 2

khōréō: a new magazine of speculative fiction by @KhoreoMag

(fully funded) finishing Thursday, February 4 2021 4:30 PM GMT

Project image for khōréō: a new magazine of speculative fiction

Transition: The End of an UnPresidented Four Years by @FOtheStory

(fully funded) finishes Saturday, February 6 2021 3:54 PM GMT

powerful images of the end of a terrible era

© Mike Landsman

narcomag by Osiris De los Santos

(still funding) finishes Saturday, February 6 2021 11:47 PM GMT

fantastic looking art in a great looking zine

Project image for narcomag: let's make more magazines.

it was snowing outside by jule wild

(still funding) finishes Sunday, February 7 2021 7:00 PM GMT

a fascinating look at one persons friends and the life they live hanging out

Bunny Jane: To Escape or Not Escape From Hell from @foolish_company by Felipe Bergson

(fully funded) finishes Thursday, February 11 2021 2:45 AM GMT

Just because it’s so intense

Mismatched by @janegumball

(fully funded) finishes

that’s just some lovely bouncy character design

Project image for Mismatched

The Suttons – A collection of comic strips by Phil Elliott by @philselliott

(fully funded) finishes Sunday, February 21 2021 7:00 PM GMT

because Phil Elliott is a genuis and these strips are beautiful and gorgeuosly human

Pencils of Asia by Shaun McPhee

(fully funded) finishing Monday, February 22 2021 9:37 AM GMT

It’s a high end zine about pencils!!

The Scent of May Rain by @MarkOStack

(fully funded) finishes Wednesday, February 24 2021 12:24 PM GMT

beautiful artwork and a fascinating sounding premise

Heavy Rotation by Shelly Bond (@sxbond)

(fully funded) finishes Wednesday, February 24 2021 2:16 PM GMT

because these Shelley Bond projects have been awesome and this features some greart artists including personal favourite Mark Stafford @marxtafford

Project image for HEAVY ROTATION

2 For Joy by @abiwatsonart

(still funding) finishes Thursday, February 25 2021 1:00 PM GMT

there’s something in the character design that is just very satisfying

Threadbare Memories by @AngelaBComics

(fully funded) finishes Thursday, February 25 2021 5:55 PM GMT

amazingly skilled artwork, physically believable but enormously inventive as well; this looks like a lot of fun

Dr Love Wane and the Experiments issue 2@DrLoveWaveComic by @GSGustin and @kayleerowena and @JoametteGil and @KelseyAlex_

(still funding) finishes Friday, February 26 2021 4:00 AM GMT

there’s a few story pages on the campaign and they look very intruiging, slightly odd, but not outright weird

Treading on Thorns by Aimee Sullivan (@stardustpinkart)

(still funding) finishes Monday, March 1 2021 12:28 PM GMT

I like the look of the bits of finished artwork and the very unambitious tone of the kickstarter, it just sounds like someone looking to be able to do something they love and needing helpto achieve that

Project image for Treading on Thorns

The Thing That Stops The Badness by Steve Thompson (@Kloob) and Daniel Bristow-Bailey (@bristowbailey)

(still funding) finishes Wednesday, March 3 2021 12:46 PM GMT

I’ve seen Daniel posting work from this on social media for what seems like a long time and it’s always looked good

His recent art has stepped up a notch to be something very cool and exciting

Floodland by Jonathan McBurnie (@king_of_nails) from Argle Bargle Books

(still funding) finishes Wednesday, March 3 2021 5:01 PM GMT

There’s something very odd and definitely personal about this andit’s al to the good as far as I’m concerned, an interesting one for sure

all contents copyright its respective owners

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