A funny thing happened along the way

Here’s a thing that I often find happens to me on social media.

I followed a little rabbit hole on facebook and found some treasure at the end.
You know it gives you those friend suggestions every so often? Well, there was one with this visual that caught my eye (that there header right above) and I thought I’d take a looksee as I was bored. I realised straight away that the account wasn’t the artist, so I messaged them and asked who was.

They got back to me and now I have this cool little story I got to read and this amazing artist to follow and a lovely little interaction with a lovely human being (well, one who was lovely to me anyway) so YAY internets and social media!

Check ’em out

Julia Round (check out tweets on @hypnojoo) kindly messaged me a link to a copy of the comic story the image came from (it’s the introduction to her book Gothic for Girls about Misty and British Comics (if you scroll down, there’s a downloadable pdf excerpt that includes the strip I’m talking about).

The artist is Letty Wilson (check out tweets on @toadlett) and their art is so cool 


So, you know what, just reach out sometimes and good things can be found!

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