Reviewer Revue – Warren E Elliott

ZL – Hi, thanks for agreeing to talk to us!

Let’s start with a bit of an introduction, can you tell us your name, where you live and what site(s) and how long you have been reviewing?

WEE – Hi! I’m Warren E. Elliott and I currently live in southeast Arizona near the Mexican border. I post my reviews to my Blog and to The Poopsheet Foundation. I’ve been reviewing zines and comics (and for a while music and movies) since late 1999.

ZL – When and where did you publish your first review?

WEE – Ah, the first review. In the winter of 1999 I was serving on active duty in the U.S. Army and deployed to Kosovo. While experiencing my first Balkan winter I responded to an online request for a reviewer for a zine called Muuna Takeena published out of Finland. I was bored during my downtime and just wanted something interesting to read. I agreed to review whatever was sent my way and the zine’s editor/publisher agreed to send me packages of zines and comics. It was a great relationship that continued for about a year. After I moved back to the states I continued to send reviews to Muuna Takeena and, with the editor’s blessing, I began posting reviews online too. 

Seeing my reviews published in Muuna Takeena was exciting and it allowed me to engage with readers. As I recall readers would write letters/emails to the editor commenting on each issue and several were regarding my reviews. It was nice to interact with people like that and encouraged me to keep reviewing things.

ZL – What kind of work do you review and what would you say are your two or three biggest comfort spots for work when reviewing?

WEE – I started out reviewing anything indie creators wanted to send my way, but for the past few years I’ve focused mostly on comics and comics related zines. I’m a comics creator and cartoonist myself, so pretty much anything related to comics or art will resonate with me. I really enjoy studying how others create. The page compositions, linework, design, it all grabs my attention. I sometimes take way too long to write a review because I’m so busy studying every line on every page. I can easily get lost in the details.

ZL – Describe your approach to a review. 

WEE – I read the comic/zine cover-to-cover. Then I go back and make notes on things like pacing, story telling, and art. I try to give an overall, brief description of what I’m reviewing. I’ll call out the things that impress me, but I won’t bring attention to things I don’t like. That’s not what I’m about. I want to promote what others are doing, not harp on their weaknesses.

ZL – What would you say are the key things a creator should do or think about when asking for reviews of their work?

WEE – For me, always provide ordering/contact information! I hate to receive something and not know how to tell others how to get it. Other than that I would say be patient. Most reviewers have other commitments in their lives so it may take a long time to get to your publication. If you really need a review fast, tell the reviewer.

ZL – Can you tell us about the review you’re most proud of and why that is?

WEE – Ha! I’ve been doing this for so long it’s hard to narrow favorites down. I’ve received feedback from creators thanking me for my reviews and telling me I’ve given them the encouragement they needed to keep going. That’s always a rewarding feeling and motivates me to keep reviewing. But the one review I’m most proud of is one from several years ago and it has nothing to do with what I wrote, but rather what I posted on my own website. It was a queer zine that had a drawing of a nude man’s torso revealing his penis. When I posted the cover image along with the review it seemed innocent enough to me. I mean males of just about every species have some sort of a penis, but at least one other person thought otherwise. 

This guy, who is still active in the small press comics scene, took to numerous message boards to spread lies about me and claim that I had set the small press back a decade by daring to post a zine cover with a penis on it! Although at the time I was pissed about the lies, now I can say I’m proud to have evoked such a reaction. 

ZL – Lastly, can you tell us where to find your reviews please!

You can find my reviews at:

Mini comics by Michael Neno

ZL – Thanks so much for your time!

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