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Stay Kind! publish their own zines including perzines and various themed anothologies

As a distro -here are their own words

Stay Kind! is especially interested in publications related to racial justice, gender and sexuality, youth voice, animal rights, violence intervention and prevention, mental health, and personal narratives, as well as educational and informational publications.

Here are three titles that took my fancy

Ima Eat You! May 2016

I love a perzine and this includes something about Bravenet which, in reality is just a boring web service provider, but with that and the cover made me think of how you could use it as a great name for people confronting their own self-limiting learnt behaviours and I was off on a thought.


no salvation no forgiveness

the blurb totally caught my interest

It’s an elaborate fantasy about trapping Brett Kavanaugh in an elevator and forcing him to listen to me. It’s about being sad and weird and victimized in high school and growing up to be even sadder and even weirder and more victimized and being really, really fucking angry about that. By julia eff.


Living Southerners December 2017

again – the blurb sold me, and the bit of interview you can see on the page below (from the zine)


and the intro that you can also see because it’s so specific and I love that in a zine


you can also check out their instagram and facebook

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