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ZL – Hi, thanx for agreeing to talk to us!

Nyx – Hello! Thanks so much for inviting me to chat. 

ZL – Let’s start with a bit of an introduction, can you tell us your name, where you live and what site(s) and how long you have been reviewing? 

Nyx – I’m Nyx or Silver Nyx. I’m a zine reviewer living in regional Australia and have been reviewing for something like eight years now.  

ZL – When and where did you publish your first review?

Nyx – I started and have always published my reviews on – though I don’t think I even had the domain when I first got started. I actually looked back and found my very, very first reviews – which are a far cry from the structure I have now (haha). Zines! Glorious Zine (Reviews)! – Sea Green Zines I still remember being so happy and excited about the world of zines and absolutely loving that blogging provided a way to share those passions.  

ZL – What kind of work do you review and what would you say are your two or three biggest comfort spots for work when reviewing? 

Nyx – I pretty much review anything except perhaps heavy political or religious things… but I haven’t had anything like that come in yet. I try to approach everything with an open mind. My comfort zones are definitely perzines, mental health/illness zines, and gaming zines. Of course there is variety in each genre, but I feel like I resonate the most with those. 

ZL – Describe your approach to a review.  

Nyx – I think I started to touch on this with the previous answer in that I try to approach every zine I read with an open mind. There’s always something to learn, a perspective to understand (even if I don’t agree with it), a life experience I will have never otherwise known.  

Structurally, I try to give an impression of the physical and artistic qualities of a work and the ways it resonated with me. Obviously my tastes aren’t always going to match with other people, so I try to give not only my perspective of why it worked for me but also why it might work for others.  

I’m by no means any kind of professional or expert when it comes to zines or reviewing them. Sometimes I have one thousand words to share about a zine, and sometimes I only have ten. But if I’m excited about a zine, I’ll share those ten words just as passionately as I will share the one thousand. 

ZL – What would you say are the key things a creator should do or think about when asking for reviews of their work? 

Nyx – I have thought about writing a blog post on this particular subject a few times, but I always feel a little strange about writing how I’d like to receive something. That said, contacting me in advance isn’t a requirement by any means but is definitely appreciated. It gives me the chance to talk about things like my lacking knowledge regarding poetry or how long it might take for me to get to review a zine.  

Whether I’ve been contacted in advance or not, I greatly, greatly appreciate a note. If you look at my reviews, you can see that I like to have a title, creator name, and one or two links (be they social, websites, shop URLs, etc). When someone saves me time finding this information by either having it in their zine already or including it on a note, it’s so nice. I received one zine that came with a note that had all that information along with price, a synopsis, and other details. That blew me away. But I just as often receive zines with no note, no contacts in the zine, and no mention of having contacted me previously. I like a mystery as much as the next person, but… 

In general, I think it’s another case of putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. If you received something for review, how would you like it? Would you like any additional information not included in the zine? Those sorts of things. 

ZL – Can you tell us about the review you’re most proud of and why that is? 

Nyx – Oh, that is a tough one! I’ve reviewed quite a few zines at this point. There have been so much that has made me laugh, made me cry… There are times I’ve told myself I really needed to calm down or I’d end up writing a zine-length review of a zine.  

I think, however, I will go with Pieces #13 on being a romantic asexual. Even though I’m not a romantic asexual, that particular zine opened up so much understanding of myself and my experiences thanks to Nichole sharing her experiences. I think that’s the review for me that felt the most raw… the most like I was sharing a part of myself and not simply reviewing a zine. 

Zine Review: Pieces #13 on being a romantic asexual  

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ZL – Lastly, can you tell us where to find your reviews please! is the hub for pretty much everything I do – especially posting my zine reviews. If you’d like to check out the zines I have reviewed in the past, I have the handy dandy zine review index here: Zine Review Index – Sea Green Zines  

ZL – Thanx so much for your time! 

Nyx – Thank you for inviting me to chat. ❤ 

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