go listen – Splashnode by tenby and Wangleline

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Splashnode album is here, it’s pay what you want

by tenby – twitter bandcamp spotify

and Wangleline – twitter bandcamp spotify

Album artwork by KescAlis on twitter and instagram

There are a couple of songs on here that I really like, they’ve an interesting sense of personality to them that make them pop out. That’s not to say the album is bad, it’s not. It’s well done, 8-bit lounge jazz is how I classified it, but it’s got influence and snatches from drum & bass, jazz and dream pop, it’s very super sweet and cheery.

Which is to say, for me, not everything hits because it’s not in my niche, but everything is good and there are some stand out tracks that really sound fresh and personal that I can kick back and relax to.

My favourites are:

Peach Tree

Comforting Dream – very cinema soundtrack going on a magical journey in style

Lonely Grains – perfect summer chills

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