Go Look – Sleepsutra

I saw a write up for Sleepsutra that sounded interesting so I went and looked up Won-Tolla Sleepsutra I enjoyed the artwork I saw and the ideas it raises, it looks like an interesting little project facebook shop It deals with sleeplessness and the experience of insomnia, drawing upon the creators own life instagram

Paper Underground Awards – Originally, I said that this would be – Best discovery I made in November (but it was really just being sarcastic) Then I received something in October that fitted the bill.

paper underground award for pannonica

The Short List – Ken Reynolds

Ken Reynolds, editor, creator and general scene hero talks to us today about the future and helping others find their way

The Short List – Simon Russell

We talk to talented artist, writer and editor Simon Russell, creator of the recently released Njord & Skadi

The Short List – Zeno Carta

Today we interview Zeno Carta, a reletively new comics creator whose work I encountered recently. I immediately fell in love with their limework and pacing.

The Short List – Gareth Hopkins (@grthink)

Disclosure – I have worked with Gareth on a contributor’s copy only zine before and am currently working with him on an anthology planned to release in June. twitter                 instagram               buy his comics Petrichor         preview it      buyContinue reading “The Short List – Gareth Hopkins (@grthink)”

The Short List – Mattias Gunnarrson

We talk to Mattias Gunnarsson, who creates beautiful and amazing looking zines full of exceptional drawings and fascinating mark making. Mattias is a fascinating maker and I highly recommend getting in touch.