39 Steps – exploring personal spaces at the time of the Covid crisis and beyond

Something a bit different today, a bit more community led. We’re inviting creators of all stripes to make art about their spaces, both physical and mental, with this brief ‘You walk for 39 consecutive steps. For each step, you make an image. That can be a drawing, a sketch, a photo even just written messagesContinue reading “39 Steps – exploring personal spaces at the time of the Covid crisis and beyond”

Paper Underground Awards – Originally, I said that this would be – Best discovery I made in November (but it was really just being sarcastic) Then I received something in October that fitted the bill.

paper underground award for pannonica

Paper Underground Awards – introduction

These are my way of thinking about what has mattered to me in zines and comics this year. As much as they’re a way of recognising what I’ve found excellent, they’re also a thank you and a chart of what mattered to me at a time and place. I don’t know whether these will matterContinue reading “Paper Underground Awards – introduction”

The Short List – Tom Murphy, some of Colossive Press

Disclosure – Colossive Press published a zine by me and I have published two contributor only zines with one of the Colossive Press people. buy from Colossive Press donate to St Christopher’s hospice                      donate to Maggie’s Wallace Centre twitter             Continue reading “The Short List – Tom Murphy, some of Colossive Press”

Review – Sprouting and Other Tales of the Curious

Today we review our second collaborative comic and first superhero one!
These are two creators starting out and trying out there skills

What’s coming up

Well I’ve got a plan now. There’ll be reviews, 1 or 2 a week. I’ll be starting The Short List soon as well  1-2 a week – different creators answering 5 questions about themselves, their hopes, their inspirations, their loves and sometimes – what they’re selling!! Again, please do feel free to contact me withContinue reading “What’s coming up”