comix economix – an interview with Nix Comics publisher Ken Eppstein

Today we have one of our occasional Long List Interviews, this time a fascinating on with Ken Eppstein of Nix Comics

The Short List – Tom Murphy, some of Colossive Press

Disclosure – Colossive Press published a zine by me and I have published two contributor only zines with one of the Colossive Press people. buy from Colossive Press donate to St Christopher’s hospice                      donate to Maggie’s Wallace Centre twitter             Continue reading “The Short List – Tom Murphy, some of Colossive Press”

The Short List – Ken Reynolds

Ken Reynolds, editor, creator and general scene hero talks to us today about the future and helping others find their way

The Short List – Gareth Hopkins (@grthink)

Disclosure – I have worked with Gareth on a contributor’s copy only zine before and am currently working with him on an anthology planned to release in June. twitter                 instagram               buy his comics Petrichor         preview it      buyContinue reading “The Short List – Gareth Hopkins (@grthink)”

The Short List – Lucy Sullivan

The creator of Barking who has just recently reached two big milestones. All drawing is finished and the Arts Council will providing funding!

What’s coming up

Well I’ve got a plan now. There’ll be reviews, 1 or 2 a week. I’ll be starting The Short List soon as well  1-2 a week – different creators answering 5 questions about themselves, their hopes, their inspirations, their loves and sometimes – what they’re selling!! Again, please do feel free to contact me withContinue reading “What’s coming up”

Barking by Lucy Sullivan

Back Barking by Lucy Sullivan   That it ends on a double page spread  suddenly rich with detail and therefore rich with real world context; but also rich with texture, gesture and general drawing noise, seems so apt. It’s an exclamation mark rather than a full stop or comma. It lands like a cliff hanger, butContinue reading “Barking by Lucy Sullivan”