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Looking for inspiration


I want to start a new feature where people recommend 5 creators working in the small press/ self publishing/ zine or arts communities.

But this is about educating me as much as it is about educating others, so I’m reaching out to everyone and asking them.

Could you name 5 recent creators (with links) whose work you admire that are working in the arts and publishing themselves or being published through small or alternative presses.

It would be great to have a line or two about why you like the work as well.

Use the contact on the site, or use social media DM’s

twitter – @iestynpettigrew
instagram – @_zinelove
facebook – @zinelovechat


Today we’re 1!

To celebrate we’ve spent the day tweeting out links to accounts, creators, zine libraries, shops, distros and all sorts of other things and peeps we love

If you’ve got twitter – go to (@iestynpettigrew) and have a look through – there’s got to be something you like, we sent out 200!!


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