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go listen – Funeral Kazoo

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they can also be found here: instagram (Kelly Crimson comic)

not a lot – 6 songs, but some really nice punky, rockish and enjoyable with social commentary to add to its worth. You could definitely sing these out loud drunk in a pub.




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go listen – The Newport Dolls, The Absolute Boundary Of The Entity

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This was created as part of the the 2021 Festival of the Photocopier. You can see part of that recording on youtube here

This is a lovely, calming experience for me. Folksy, spoken word and improvisational, but not meandering or purposeless. It evokes a sort of spiritual sensation, like monks chanting.

It features quite a few creators and instruments, with the typewriter actually being a surprisingly effective part of the whole.

It almost reminds me of the Velvet Underground or The Incredible String Band, but not touching either very closely. Maybe even Devendra Banhart’s early, just after being found busking albums or Black Mountains first ep might be even more apt as it features women vocalists with emotional voices.

My favourite track is Admiring Axl Rose From Across The Hall

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Comic Cuts, a review

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About 3 weeks ago I gave this as a recommendation and every Friday there’s been another episode to listen to which I have enjoyed immensely. So I thought I’d do a proper review.

This is a good show. Firstly, it’s funny, always funny and fun,. There’s an atmosphere, which certainly comes from some good decisions by Kev F Sutherland, of friendliness and openness that makes it feel inviting to listen to.

Secondly, these are good guests, willing to be involved as well as interesting in their own rights. It makes for good listening because they bring a bounce to the whole proceedings. They all have interesting stories to tell. It’s also interesting to see the breadth of people involved in comics as fans and creators. Without saying so, it’s putting the lie to the image of comic fans and creators as boring middle aged men pedantic about the smallest detail. I think this is deliberate in itself and nice to see.

Third and last, it’s a good format for the fun above, but also for getting little mini-interviews with the guests who are, as noted before, very interesting in their own right.

I think it was a tweet in which I compared Kev F to Nicholas Parsons, somewhat flippantly. It strikes me as the best possible comparison because this show reminds me of nothing less than a Radio 4 panel show, interesting people given something interesting to do with a host that pulls it all together and keeps it light and insightful.

Good work on this!

Podcast here

see the panel images here

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go listen – Mutiny by Damas Prospect

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Album is on Bandcamp here

Favourite tracks are

Recoil Effect – I always enjoy crackling radio conversation in a track and this is accompanied by some driving music; it’s giving out energy

Human Artillery – the start with its driving, repetitive rhythm is enough, but the out of time iron work and their meeting tempo is perfect doing music

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go listen – Splashnode by tenby and Wangleline

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Splashnode album is here, it’s pay what you want

by tenby – twitter bandcamp spotify

and Wangleline – twitter bandcamp spotify

Album artwork by KescAlis on twitter and instagram

There are a couple of songs on here that I really like, they’ve an interesting sense of personality to them that make them pop out. That’s not to say the album is bad, it’s not. It’s well done, 8-bit lounge jazz is how I classified it, but it’s got influence and snatches from drum & bass, jazz and dream pop, it’s very super sweet and cheery.

Which is to say, for me, not everything hits because it’s not in my niche, but everything is good and there are some stand out tracks that really sound fresh and personal that I can kick back and relax to.

My favourites are:

Peach Tree

Comforting Dream – very cinema soundtrack going on a magical journey in style

Lonely Grains – perfect summer chills

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go listen – Make It then Tell Everybody

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What I like is that there’s always an engagingly open approach to interviews, it’s not focussed on just hearing about the work, it’s about talking about the person and drawing that out through shared experience or empathy

website patreon

three recommendations

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go listen – Breakfast in the Ruins

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ok – so this might not be for everyone, it’s quite specifically centred around Michael Moorcock, but it’s all done in a very engaging tone and branches out into some general territory, like Sven Hassel and growing up in the 80’s.

also – I love Michael Moorcock, so it’s all good for me!

Breakfast in the Ruins is One Year Old!
art by @hf_tf

start here which it the whole run in chronological order

this is the introduction

this is a great episode with Kek-W and touches on many 2000AD matters as well

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go listen – five o’clock zine

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there’s more than 300 of them to view, all promoting zines

(NOTE – I’ve been reviewed on here – yes the link is at the bottom)


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go listen – The Zine Collector

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Nyx – The Zine Collector does Happy Mail Monday – there are a lot to get through and DISCLOSURE – there are episodes mentioning my zines and one with me contributing

But Nyx is lovely and fun to listen to and has such a great range of zines to see

check these out


A fun one

The community one (with me in it) (you’ll have to watch it all to find me, don’t be lazy!!)

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go listen – Post Punk Mutant Musicians

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(NOTE – I’ve had an EP featured on the show)

run by Jason Allen Walter (@oasissucks1)

all things noise – this one in particular is a favourite listen; gathering around a campfire and remembering our lost elders; a low key eulogy and moving for it

Currently playing episode

you can watch as well – (it’s NSFW, so here’s a small picture with a link to a preview)

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