Covid-19 coping round-up

Begin with a digressions then get to the point, that’s my way right? Digression – you all know that Covid-19 is keeping many people home (and bored) so I thought, why not steal an idea from the great Comic Reporter and do a rolling round up.   So here we go  – online libraries Solidarity!Continue reading “Covid-19 coping round-up”

go view – Five O’Clock Zine

(disclaimer – I’ve been reviewed by Craig) Craig Atkinson has been reviewing zines on instagram for almost two years now, he also has a youtube channel I recently discovered. The reviews tend to run no more than 1-2 minutes as they’re on instagram. In that time he manages to detail what the zine is aboutContinue reading “go view – Five O’Clock Zine”

Go Look – Sleepsutra

I saw a write up for Sleepsutra that sounded interesting so I went and looked up Won-Tolla Sleepsutra I enjoyed the artwork I saw and the ideas it raises, it looks like an interesting little project facebook shop It deals with sleeplessness and the experience of insomnia, drawing upon the creators own life instagram