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Just some thoughts

I don’t know how many of you followed yesterday’s twitter event but I had fun and was reminded of so many accounts I haven’t seen come up for such a long time.

We make so many complaints about how there’s an algorithm controlling what comes up in our feed and yet, just going in for a second and scrolling through my list of my followed accounts has brought me instant access to all of those people.

It’s easy to complain about how we’re prisoners of algorithms, but it’s easier just to break out – you simply have to go and look for yourself.

To make a terrible analogy, what’s better, food from scratch or ready meals from the microwave?


Zine Love 2019


This site is here to celebrate things that I or others truly love in the zine, self-publishing and small press world.

We aim to delve into what we love and why, whether it’s people or styles; pages, pictures or panels; storylines or drawing lines this is about describing what we find awesome.

There’ll  be interviews, deep reviews and hopefully discussion.  If you have something you want to talk about, get in touch because this is a community space to share your love. Guidelines are simple, no plot synopsis, minimum 500 words. Tell us WHY YOU LOVE it not what happens.

All the best