Review – Hostile Take Over by Morgan Gleave


This is a fun little comic.

This first issue is an A5 colour comic with card stock cover and glossy paper insides, with 16 pages of story and 4 pages of supplementary history.

It’s a fun read; a quick and silly story with stripped back stylised artwork that’s worth coming back to linger over for its lovely design work.

There’s nothing deep going on in the story here, just a slight jibe at the bloodthirsty nature of multinationals but dressed up all silly like Bond supervillains of old. I’m reminded of the 90’s here with the irreverence and gloriously silly violence and over the top anger on show. There’s something of early Tank Girl or Milk & Cheese in the atmosphere of the writing.

It’s heavily tongue in cheek and definitely a story to allow the drawing of lots of fun action, pretty shapes and great looking sound effects.

The art is fun, really fun in fact. Stripped down and heavily designed. It’s clearly manga inspired, sort of chibi style, but quite blocky and very much about designing shapes to portray action.

Just seeing how much fun the creator is having making this is a big reward. They’re having a huge blast making themselves laugh and impressing themselves with their drawing chops and it makes for fun to read.

Also, the cover needs a shout out (that’s it at the top), with its loose painterly look making a striking and attractive image.

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Contents copyright iestyn pettigrew, all rights reserved

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