Reviewer Revue – Micah Liesenfeld

ZL – Hi, thanx for agreeing to talk to us!

ML – Sure! I love talking about comics.

ZL – Let’s start with a bit of an introduction, can you tell us your name, where you live and what site(s) and how long you have been reviewing?

ML – Micah Liesenfeld … I live in the city of St. Louis in the U.S.A. I’m publishing an anthology called “After That!” which is a continuation of Copy This! started by D. Blake Werts. The current regeneration is at issue 61. The site is here

After That! Is an anthology that interviews creators, but I have been funneling the actual “updates from the community” to Rick Bradford’s Poopsheet site to try and keep After That! publication costs down. Plus it helps keep the community of mini comics creators from becoming stretched too thin by having all these different places that essentially do the same thing.

ZL – When and where did you publish your first review?

ML – In 1994, I made a fanzine called “Pavement.” I was 17 years old. My reviews sounded like this: “Bone #14. If you haven’t read Bone, you’re nuts.” It was made on 11×17 sheets of paper and because it was in color, I’m sure I made only 1 copy… which I probably passed around at school and asked for my one copy back after people had read it. It also featured reviews about Star Trek and the Lion King. I was super cool.

ZL – What kind of work do you review and what would you say are your two or three biggest comfort spots for work when reviewing?

ML – I enjoy “reviewing” mini comics and handmade books. Mainly because that’s what I make. I’m passionate about how a book gets made, so I really enjoy looking at the binding, the stitching (if any) and just looking the piece over that someone put effort into making both content and handcrafting the material.

ZL – Describe your approach to a review. 

ML – My style isn’t to critique. I like to “report” on what I’m seeing without adding my opinion about the work. Sometimes I can’t help sing its praises if it’s really great, but otherwise I don’t talk negatively about the work. I approach it as if I’m an archaeologist uncovering a time capsule and describing the artefact for my notes.

ZL – What would you say are the key things a creator should do or think about when asking for reviews of their work?

ML – When it comes to fanzines and minicomics, I don’t believe in gatekeeping quality. I’ll be happy to report on any little book regardless of whether the creator was age 5 or 95.

ZL – Can you tell us about the review you’re most proud of and why that is?

ML – I guess I liked this review I did about a pack of 5 minicomics I received from Mission Mini-Comix, because I was trying to carefully describe what I was seeing regardless of my lack of understanding about what I was seeing. Just because it wasn’t personally interesting to me doesn’t mean it might not be interesting to somebody else.

ZL – Lastly, can you tell us where to find your reviews please!

ML – Sure, here’s more specifically where my reviews are at on the Poopsheet:

ZL – Thanx so much for your time! Check out some of Micah’s other reviews here

A postcard submitted to Jessica Maybury’s postcard zine. 

all content copyright its respective owner


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