Comic Cuts, a review

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About 3 weeks ago I gave this as a recommendation and every Friday there’s been another episode to listen to which I have enjoyed immensely. So I thought I’d do a proper review.

This is a good show. Firstly, it’s funny, always funny and fun,. There’s an atmosphere, which certainly comes from some good decisions by Kev F Sutherland, of friendliness and openness that makes it feel inviting to listen to.

Secondly, these are good guests, willing to be involved as well as interesting in their own rights. It makes for good listening because they bring a bounce to the whole proceedings. They all have interesting stories to tell. It’s also interesting to see the breadth of people involved in comics as fans and creators. Without saying so, it’s putting the lie to the image of comic fans and creators as boring middle aged men pedantic about the smallest detail. I think this is deliberate in itself and nice to see.

Third and last, it’s a good format for the fun above, but also for getting little mini-interviews with the guests who are, as noted before, very interesting in their own right.

I think it was a tweet in which I compared Kev F to Nicholas Parsons, somewhat flippantly. It strikes me as the best possible comparison because this show reminds me of nothing less than a Radio 4 panel show, interesting people given something interesting to do with a host that pulls it all together and keeps it light and insightful.

Good work on this!

Podcast here

see the panel images here

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